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Wedding And Graduation DJ Services In New Mexico


Styles DJ Services guarantees consistency and professionalism. We know how to make your wedding fun and classy. Styles DJ Services is able to engage with your crowd to make your special day exciting and maintain professional transitions because of our experienced announcers and DJs. We pride our self on making sure that we hit every cure to your wedding and organize the wedding the way you want it through our free consultations. We have done many weddings and know how to highlight each special moment in your reception. Give us a call today to see how we can start your celebration.

Wedding Booth

Photo Booth

Interested in adding the perfect touch to your wedding? Styles DJ Services offers a photo booth to help the memories of your perfect day come alive. Our photo booth will bring family fun and excitement to your wedding and capture unforgettable moments with a wide variety of silly props. Our photo booth package will include photos for all of your guests, props, cd of your photos as well as a take home photo album and special photo attendant. Please call today for more information on our photo booth package.

Small Outside Weddings

Styles DJ Services specializes in all types of weddings we can perform ceremonies that occur in backyards or small venues. We know how to adjust to the size of the crowd without losing intimate moments on your special day by making it enjoyable and memorable.

Big Traditional Weddings

Styles DJ Services can cater to any type of wedding whether it is a traditional wedding or custom wedding. We can make sure to make your wedding the way you want it and have experience in both the traditional New Mexican weddings and customizable weddings. We have the extra sound and light to provide the right touch and atmosphere that you have dreamed for your wedding. We ensure this through our consultations and wedding itineraries. Call us now so that we can design your big day!


Our mobile DJ service started out in djing many family graduation parties. We can play music for both the family and friends and ensure that the crowd will be dancing and celebrating your student’s success. We take live requests and you can decide on your own playlist. We can illuminate any venue and have the sound available to handle backyard parties or big venue events.


If you're planning a fun event, Styles DJ Services is the way to go! They have provided us with many, many fun hours at our Socials and Father/Daughter Dances at St. Mary's School! The kids have a blast dancing to the latest tunes, and requests. The D.Js' are young, "With It", and can relate to the audience!

- Monica Apodaca

I have had the privilege of working directly with Gilbert Styles DJ Services in planning the music for my first daughter's wedding. As a mother, this was obviously one of my most treasured experiences, and Gilbert added to that significantly. Not only was he the MOST professional vendor we employed, but he was personal and carried out our wishes for the music perfectly. He was timely, thorough, friendly, and knowledgeable! The night of the wedding his performance was top notch. He created the tone for the whole reception, and had everyone in tears and up on their feet dancing at all the right moments. I have been present as a guest at two other events he hosted, and can truthfully say he was just as incredible, although each event was uniquely designed to fit the particular occasion. A good DJ does so much more than just choose music and play it. Don't make the mistake of hiring the wrong person to LEAD the evening at the most precious event of your life!! I have eight daughters, and I hope we'll be seeing him many times over the next several years!!

- Juliana Tomingas

In the summer of 2012, I was desperately looking for a new DJ for my wedding in October, when I learned about Gilbert Wickens DJ Service. Gilbert is very friendly, approachable, and professional. He is very organized and working with him to plan my wedding music was one of the easiest aspects to my wedding. He was very sensitive to the fact that I didn't want a traditional father daughter dance, because I had lost my dad. We came up with an alternative, which was a celebration dance to my dad's favorite song, My Sharona, in which everyone got up and danced. It was one of the most memorable moments from my wedding and I still cherish that moment. He also had great ideas for songs to play at moments I hadn't thought of like the bouquet toss or the cake cutting.

He was prompt and on time at the reception. My husband actually requested a special song for our first dance which I didn't know about, and appreciated Gilbert for accommodating that. He was also very respectful and didn't play anything too inappropriate, and all hip hop was saved until most of the kids and older guests had left. I was also very specific about who could make toasts and he did a wonderful job making sure they were the only ones to give a toast.

I would recommend Gilbert as a DJ to anyone. He was one of the best vendors I had at my wedding and working with him was easy and enjoyable. His rates are very affordable and his service far exceeded expectations.

- Katie Kortkamp Martin